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List of Courses for the Students after SSC or 10th Class

List of Options for the Student after 10th

1. Intermediate
2. Polytechnic
3. ITI
4. Paramedical courses
5. Short term course


It is first option every student looks after completion of the 10th class, lot of course are available in intermediate nowadays some of the courses below
1. MPC
2. BiPC
3. ECE
4. MEC
5. HEC
Apart from these regular courses 27 combinational courses and 31 vocational courses also available.these are 5000 intermediate colleges in the Andhra Pradesh, in these 5000 colleges some 816 Government junior colleges,178 aided colleges, some of the Gurukula college, tribal welfare colleges .Moreover 3568 colleges are in private sector.
Total Junior Colleges n Andhra Pradesh in category wise
1. Government junior colleges--804
2. Govt Vocational Junior colleges--12
3. Private junior colleges--3568
4. Incentive Junior colleges--175
5. APRJC, GOI, SW, TW, Welfare, Comparative, Railway--385
Once student complete with intermediate they can continuous with professional course.Here some details on further course after intermediate.
List of Course only for MPS students
1. Engineering
2. MCA
3. NDA (Job in Navy and Air Force)
4. ACRA(Mechanical Engineering in Railway)
List of Course only for BiPC students
1. Medicine
2. MLT
3. Nursing
4. physiotherapy


Polytechnic is a diploma course , it is like engineering courses, defferent branches available in Polytechnic these are The branches in Polytechnic
1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Civil Engineering
3. Computer Engineering
4. Textile Technology
5. Automobile Engineering
6. Chemical Engineering
7. Electrical Engineering
8. EEE
It has lot of carrier opportunities for Polytechnic both in Government and private sectors


ITI is also like polytechnic courses but is not diploma level, the branches in ITI is also some thing same like Polytechnic, courses available in ITI.


Andhra Pradesh paramedical board offering loft of course in medical in these some of courses are 2 years and some are 1 year courses ,below are 2 years course after 10th Class. 
1. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology DMLT
2. Diploma in Optometry Technician DOT
3. Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant DOA
4. Diploma in Hospital Food service Management DHFM

Short Term Courses

Nowadays there are loft of short-term courses available , there are useful to get a job and settle in the life, and there available period like 6 months,1 year and 2 years and these period is based is on the course ,below are some of the short term course in the computers.
1. DTP 
2. 2D graphics
3. 3D graphics
4. Tally

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